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Ombre Nail Art

Ombre is a 'fade' that creates a classy, classic look.

Ombre nails are created by seamlessly blending two colours together. This can be done with combinations of colour, glitter, gel, dipping powder, matte, and regular polish on Natural nails or on acrylics. Ombre nails looks great on their own or as part of a set of nail art. You can also apply different colours to each nails, or try applying the ombre across the nail instead downwards.

What's great about ombre nails is that they look difficult to achieve, but are actually relatively simple for a trained nail technician to perform. Ombre is also not limited to one type of look - they can be part of a formal or a fun set of nails. Come in and talk to the team at Nail Garden about what great ombre nail art we can do for you!

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All ombre nails examples below were performed by the talented team at Nail Garden.

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​​​Client Reviews

"Love love love Nail Garden! The salon is beautiful, all of the staff are amazing and polite. I always tell my friends about this place and now have several who go there religiously! Highly recommend!"

Samantha Waru via Google Reviews

"Great nail bar. Super friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere. Great massage. Felt very relaxed and will definitely be back."

Siobhan via Google Reviews

"Pretty, pretty, pretty 🥰🥰🥰 Definitely recommend this place."

Malika via Google Reviews

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