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French Tips Nails

Add a touch of class with French tips manicure.

French Nails, or 'French Tips' were first made popular in the 1930's among the fashion elite of Paris. This style involves leaving most the nail a neutral or natural colour, while only painting the tips. The 'neutral' look of this style means that it tends to pair better with a wider variety of clothes and accessories than fully painted nails.

French tips manicures have evolved over time so that the tips can be any colour or shape. Bright colours mixed with glitter, jewels, and other nail art styles can make a powerful statement of you personality. Inverting the style by using black tips instead of white creates a super classy look for your big nights out. 

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All French tips examples below were performed by the talented team at Nail Garden.

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​​​Client Reviews

"I wouldn’t get my nails done anywhere else. They always take great care to look after your nails and make sure they look perfect. Wholeheartedly recommend."

Barbara via Google Reviews

"Had a extremely lovely time, super nice lady, the manicure I received was exceptional. Will definitely refer to friends and family 🤝"

William via Google Reviews

"I love visiting Nail Garden. The girls are all so lovely and my nails look fantastic for weeks (at least four!) with no chipping or peeling at all. Everyone is so kind and friendly and happy to accommodate any nail art requests. Their range of colours is crazy and it's a very calming space. Love it 10/10 every time."

Anna via Fresha Reviews





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