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Apres Gel Nails

Apres Gel is a revolutionary nail system that combines the best of gel manicures and nail extensions. With Apres Gel, you can achieve impeccable nails that will leave you feeling confident and stylish. Whether you're looking for a classic manicure or trendy nail designs, Apres Gel has got you covered!

Apres Gel Prices

Stiletto/Almond - $85

Square/Oval - $85

Coffin - $85

Extra Extra Long Stiletto - $110

Removal (when booked with a new set) - $15

What is Apres Gel?

Apres Gel extensions are made entirely of high-quality gel, fostering a safe environment for your natural nails to grow. Unlike traditional acrylic nails, Apres Gel covers the entire nail bed, reducing the risk of damage. It's a nurturing experience that promotes healthy nail growth and minimizes potential harm.

How is Apres Gel Applied?

The application process for Apres Gel nails is straightforward and can be performed by a professional nail technician. It begins with cleansing your nails using alcohol and applying a base coat for optimal adherence. Next, the technician carefully selects the ideal extension size for each nail, ensuring a perfect fit. The extensions are then applied and cured under a UV lamp, ensuring their longevity. Finally, the nails are expertly filed and shaped to your desired length and shape, followed by the application of a top coat for added protection and shine.

If you're searching for Apres Gel manicure services or looking to experience the wonders of Apres Gel extensions, trust the expertise of our professional nail technicians. They have the skills and knowledge to create stunning, long-lasting manicures that will leave you feeling fabulous.

​​​Client Reviews

"I went in for a manicure yesterday and I was blown away by how the nail technician made my experience. She went above and beyond to make sure my nails were going to last with the type of work I do and the events I had coming up. The way she conversed with me allowed me to leave my long day at work at the door and relax. Thank you :)"

Hannah via Google Reviews

"Best nail experience I’ve had in the last 10 years. I’ve been 3 times now and my nails are the healthiest they’ve been in years. The staff are super friendly. They never rush. The tea and coffee selection is amazing. And my nails last twice as long as they last at any other other place I’ve been. Super super happy! Such attention to detail and care. Thank you so much! You also have the biggest and best selection of colours and products! 11/10 :)"

Willa via Google Reviews

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