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Manicure & Pedicure Prices

Takapuna opening special:

20% off all services for the month of May. 

Bring a friend, and BOTH of you will get 30% off.

**Only available at our NEW Takapuna branch

We love your nails as much as you do.

Whether you need something simple, luxurious, or somewhere in-between, we have a range of manicure and pedicure options that will surprise and delight you.


If you’re not sure what you want, we'd love to help you pick your next colour and design, or simply give your hands and feet some gentle love and care. We are experienced in working with a diverse range of clients and needs, and we keep up to date with the latest fashions and techniques.


​To help you relax and enjoy the experience, range of drinks and sweet treats are available during your service.

Manicured nails

Our Guarantee


Gel Colour - 8 days


Acrylic, Dipping Powder, Polygel, Builder Gel, Apres Gel - 10 days


We will repair your nails of any chips or if extensions / dipping powder comes off.

The guarantee does not apply if your nails are damaged through no fault of ours.

Please make one booking per person. If there are several people coming at the same time, please make separate bookings for everyone in your group.

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Basic Service

A quick, affordable, high quality service to keep you looking fabulous. Cut, buff, shape, and polish.

Manicure - $30

Gel Manicure - $50

Pedicure - $30

Gel Pedicure - $45

Remove Gel Colour - $5

Spa Service

When you want to be pampered. Includes everything in the basic service plus cuticle service, exfoliate for pedicures, and massage.

Manicure - $45

Gel Manicure - $60

Pedicure - $60

Gel Pedicure - $70

Remove Gel Colour - $5

Deluxe Service

Because you deserve only the very best. Includes Basic and Spa services, plus mask, a much longer massage, and paraffin wax.

Manicure - $75

Gel Manicure - $85

Pedicure - $85

Gel Pedicure - $95

Remove Gel Colour - $5

Polygel Nail Service

Natural looking, less damage, lighter, and no odour.

Polygel on Natural Nails - $80

Polygel on Tips - $95

​Polygel Infill under 3 weeks - $80

​Polygel Infill over 3 weeks - $85

Deluxe Polygel Extension - $130

Deluxe Polygel on Natural Nails - $115 

Deluxe Polygel Infill - $115

Remove Polygel - $15 extra

Find our more about Polygel here >>


Builder Gel Nail Service

Thinner than Polygel, thicker and stronger than regular polish.

Builder Gel on Natural Nails - $80

Builder Gel Infill under 3 weeks - $80

Builder Gel Infill over 3 weeks - $85

Deluxe Builder Gel on Natural Nails - $115

Remove Builder Gel - $15 extra

Learn more about Builder Gel >>

Dipping Powder (SNS)

Shines like gel and lasts over 10 days. Ideal if you have weak nails. Easy to soak and remove.

On Natural Nails - $65

On Tips - $85

Deluxe SNS on Natural Nails - $100

Remove Dipping Powder - $10

Learn more about SNS here >>

Apres Gel X (Soft Gel Tip)

Significantly thinner and more natural-looking and feeling than traditional acrylic nails.

Stiletto/Almond - $85

Square/Oval  - $85
Coffin  - $85

Extra Extra Long Stiletto - $110

Remove Soft Gel X (When Booked Soft Gel X Again) - $15


Nail Extension Service

Who doesn't love long, gorgeous nails? We certainly do. 

Acrylic Nail Extension with Polish - $80

Acrylic Nail Extension with Gel - $85

Infill with Normal Polish - $65

Infill with Gel Polish - $75

Deluxe Acrylic Extension with Gel - $115

Deluxe Acrylic Nail Infill with Gel - $105

Ombre Pink & White - $105

Remove Acrylic - $15 extra

Kids Manicure & Pedicure Prices

We are happy to do fun, age appropriate designs for kids, from 3-8 years old. Over 9 years old, please contact us.

Kids Manicure with Polish - $20

Kids Manicure & Pedicure with Polish - $35

Kids Manicure with Gel - $35

Kids Pedicure with Gel - $35

Kids Manicure & Pedicure with Gel - $65

Learn more about kids nail services >>

Group Bookings & Events

We know that getting your nails done with your friends and family can be an awesome day out. Fortunately we are experienced in providing group services, and would definitely like to discuss with you.

Learn more about Group Bookings & Events here >>

Nail Services For Men

Why should the guys be left out?

All services are priced without colour.

Male Basic Manicure - $20

Male Basic Pedicure - $25

Male Spa Manicure - $40

Male Spa Pedicure - $55

Client Reviews


"Amazing as usual! So lovely & professional. Such talented artists. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend."

Katie via Google Reviews


"Have visited twice and intend to keep coming! Beautiful space and gorgeous product range, the wonderful tea and treats were an unexpected bonus!"

Michelle via Google Reviews

"I wish I could rate over 5 stars. Such an amazing nail salon, better than any salon you will find in the mall. Thank you always for doing such a good job"

Tahlia via Google Reviews

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