Dipping Powder (SNS) Manicure

At Nail Garden Epsom we have over 200 different dipping powder colours available and would love to introduce this service to more of our clients. Our clients love dipping powder because it helps their nails stay strong and healthy.

Dipping Powder
Dipping Powder SNS

​​What is Dipping Powder (SNS)

Dipping Powder (also called SNS) is exactly what it sounds like – a coloured powder that you dip your nails into. After dipping your nail into the powder, we use a gel-based brush-on polish to smooth the powder. The powder will need to be gently sanded-down several times and the polish re-applied as well. The powder will become smoother and smoother with each application until it becomes perfectly smooth and looks fabulous.


The treatment will last for around 2 or 3 weeks, and it is possible to do an infill just like gel treatments. It is important that you have dipping powder professionally removed (just like you would with gel). Your nail technician will use a filing tool to remove the powder without damaging your nails.

Benefits of Dipping Powder

  1. Ideal for thin or damaged nails – Dipping powder is easier to remove than gel or acrylics and will cause less damage.

  2. Strengthens your nails – Dipping powder is made from organic chemicals that helps strengthen your nails.

  3. No UV light – Dipping powder sets naturally and does not require UV light.

  4. Reduced odour – Dipping powder contains less solvents than gel or regular polish and is more sensitive on your sinuses.

Dipping Powder Pedicures

While you certainly can apply dipping powder on your toenails, we do not believe this is necessary. Your fingernails are much more prone to chipping when you are when working, cleaning, and other activities. Your toenails will endure much less stress than your fingernails, and regular gel polish pedicures should be just fine in most circumstances.

Dipping Powder (SNS) Prices

​On Natural Nails - $55

On Tips - $75

Ombre Dipping Colour - $10 extra

Remove Dipping Powder - $10

If you’re interested in booking a Polygel manicure please book online or contact us with any questions.

Client Reviews

"Friendly professional service :) tried new SNS powder in my nails and they look STUNNING! Also nice that they provide herbal tea and chocolate whilst you wait. Will definitely being going back 😍❤️"

Eve via Google Reviews

“Beautiful job done today. Had SNS and I will be returning very professional and careful with the natural nails. Beautiful and serene salon! My new go to!”

Rhiannon via Google Reviews

Dipping Powder SNS
Dipping Powder SNS
Dipping Powder SNS
Dipping Powder SNS
Dipping Powder SNS
Dipping Powder SNS