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Builder Gel Nails

Builder gel is here! The latest in nail technology that protects your natural nails, promotes growth, and looks GREAT. Builder gel will leave your nails feeling lighter while providing more strength than other base coats. The team at Nail Garden are experienced with builder gel, and would love to introduce this service to more of our clients.  

Builder Gel Nail Prices

Builder Gel on Natural Nails - $80

​Builder Gel Infill under 3 weeks - $80

​Builder Gel Infill over 3 weeks - $85

Deluxe Builder Gel on Natural Nails - $115

Remove Builder Gel - $15 extra

What is Builder Gel?

Builder gel is a basecoat that’s thicker than a regular polish base coat. Builder gel is stronger and will be less prone to breaking, meaning that it will be easier to grow your nails. The self-levelling properties of builder gel creates a smooth foundation and protects your natural nails from damage. 

Benefits of Builder Gel

The key reason to use builder gel is to protect and grow your natural nails. While builder gel is applied, your natural nails underneath can grow freely. If your nails are thin and damaged from frequent manicures, builder gel will give your nails the time to heal and recover it’s lost thickness.

Builder Gel, Polygel, Acrylics, or Dipping Powder?

We know, there’s so much great nail technology that it can be hard to understand which one is right for you.  

  • Builder gel is thinner than Polygel, and is suited to clients who’s everyday life don’t require heavy use of their hands. Polygel’s extra thickness helps protect nails in more demanding environments.   

  • Acrylics don’t require curing with a UV light, and is better suited for clients who prefer their nails to be extra long.

  • Builder gel is a great alternative if you usually get Dipping Powder (SNS) manicures. Builder gel is thinner and lighter than SNS, and you won’t have to remove your entire set every time, as builder gel can be in-filled up to 3 weeks and painted a different colour.

​​​Client Reviews


"They did an incredible job with my builder gel nails. They  were professional, attentive to detail, and made sure I was completely happy with the end result. My nails looked flawless and felt strong. I highly recommend their services!"

Maira via Google Reviews


"I have tried many different nail places in the last few years that I have been getting my nails done regularly and have never found one quite as good as this! The service is amazing - ladies there are so lovely and recognise you when you go in and chat to you like a friend. Nail quality is fabulous and the 10 day guarantee for this has left me never needing to pay for any fixes between sets."

Rebecca via Google Reviews



"Amazing nails every single time! The team are incredible - couldn't recommend them enough!"

Justy via Google Reviews

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