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Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume lashes are when multiple lashes are applied to single lash. If two lashes are applied to one lash, this is known as 2D, and the same with 3D, 4D, etc. These lashes are thinner, lighter, and fluffier to give a fuller look. This is great if you don’t have many lashes, or have thin lashes.

Please note that lash services are currently only available at our 561 Manukau Road location.

Volume - Natural
3D - 4D

Volume - Medium
5D - 6D

Volume - Full
6D - 8D

Volume - Mega
8D - 9D

The Russian Volume service is performed by isolating each individual lash, and gently glueing an extension on top that contains more than one lash.

The lashes used for Russian Volume are thinner than classic lashes. This helps to create a full and fluffy look by grouping lashes closer together, rather than the classic service where there is more space between lashes. Because Russian Volume lashes are thinner, less glue is used to apply them, so your lashes do not feel heavier than classic lashes, even though more lashes have been applied.

Frequently Asked Lash Questions​​​

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Lash extensions will last 3 - 5 weeks with proper care. Lash extensions will fall out as your natural lash falls out.  Lash extensions could fall out as early as the day after they are applied, depending on your lash cycle.


What is the difference between Classic, Volume, and Hybrid lashes?

Classic lash extensions consist of one lash applied to one natural lash (also known as 1:1). They have medium thickness and looks the most natural.

Volume lashes are referred to as 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. This number indicates the number of lashes applied to a single lash. For example, 3D volume means 3 very fine lashes clustered together and applied to one natural lash. This gives a fluffy and full appearance.

Hybrid lash extensions include both classic and 3D volume.

How should I care for my lashes?

Please refer to our full lash care guide.

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